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Features and benefits

EMS+ is the one-stop shop solution for escalation management and bed availability reporting for health & social care services in your region. EMS+ is an early warning system for pressures across a regional footprint, enabling collaboration and informed decision-making to effectively manage patient flow, escalation and align capacity to demand.

Learn more about the key features and benefits of our integrated solution:

Giving you control

Whole system view of operational pressures

Updated twice daily by each urgent care service provider, EMS+ delivers a detailed and accurate overview of the level of pressure in each organisation and across the system as a whole. Armed with the relevant data, senior managers and directors are able to make informed decisions that can result in a more efficient use of resources and, ultimately, better care for patients.

A trigger-based system, EMS+ enables you to identify and address pressure points in urgent care. With the potential for easy implementation, it’s fully scalable and can be adapted to your needs. You’re always kept in the loop thanks to an in-built email and text alert system, which circulates the necessary information after each update.

Live A&E and ambulance data feeds

Real-time decision-making is made possible using live flows of information from A&E departments, ambulances and hospital wards. Key metrics are presented in dashboard format for a live view of activity levels across the whole urgent care system.

EMS+ provides detailed analytical information regarding surges in demand and potential capacity issues, enabling healthcare staff to make the right decision about how to deal with pressures and help deliver improved patient care.

Community and mental health bed availability

EMS+ is a single point of access for health, social and residential care providers to assess system capacity. Bed capacity grids are available for community nursing teams, community beds, mental health facilities and care homes.

The online system ensures that providers outside of the NHS can view capacity grids and update them with the latest information. There is also a heat map, tailored by health economy, to show where bed capacity is available, enabling searches by proximity, bed type and cost.

Care home bed availability

Care homes can share their bed availability in real time using EMS+. They can easily access the system online or through a mobile app and provide updates quickly and easily. The system shows which care homes have vacancies and enables teams to search by proximity, bed type and cost.

We have worked with NHS England to ensure that EMS+ makes care home capacity visible across the country. By pooling bed data it creates a national overview of availability, searchable by all health and social care systems across England.

OPEL (Operational Pressures Escalation Levels)

Towards the end of 2016, OPEL reporting, which measures the pressure being experienced across a whole system, was introduced nationwide. In response the Regional Capacity Management Team developed a module within EMS+ that calculates OPEL levels based on escalation of individual services. This means that a system-wide response can be delivered to NHS England.

Reporting suite for future planning

Reports on trend, activity levels and daily capacity can be exported into Microsoft Word or Excel format to support with proactive planning and escalation. Summary bed capacity reports outline occupancy rates by day and by month to show which services have been under- or over-utilised. To save time, EMS+ allows users to set up automated situation, capacity and OPEL reports that will run on a schedule.


Innovative and easy to use

Available online and through a mobile app

Developed and managed by the Regional Capacity Management team, EMS+ can be used online or through a mobile app. It provides an effective view of system pressure across the region to all users, including data on non-acute provider bed capacity.

Automatic email alerts

Any updates to escalation level, OPEL level or capacity grid are shared throughout the health and social care system using automatic email alerts. This ensures that all users, from strategic to operational staff, receive the right information at the right time.

Teleconferencing solution

During times of high escalation, whole health economy teleconferences are often called. EMS+ gives users the option to quickly bring together all provider escalation levels and capacity grid information in a template used for making notes during a teleconference. A distribution list will also be saved within the system so that EMS+ can send out the template quickly and efficiently.

Action cards

Provider action cards are uploaded onto EMS+ in PDF format so that they can be easily accessed by operational staff. This ensures that actions are instigated early to alleviate pressure points.


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